Amma Seaforth

Artist Statement

I believe that every face is beautiful, and each face has a beautiful story to tell. I believe that colour, shape and texture can evoke feelings like a beautiful piece of music. Painting is a way for me to tell those stories, without making a sound. What I enjoy most is when a painting gets people talking about what memories the piece conjures up, and how it makes them feel. Trading these positive emotions creates a kinship and forces people to break out of their shells and bond with each other. When I displayed my first painting, a passion was born in me to use my art to make people discuss things outside of the sadness, violence and pain in the world. My hope is to use my art to provide a means of escape from the negativity around us, not as a band-aid fix, but to open our eyes to see the light within the darkness.

I begin by either finding an image of someone or something that I admire, or by studying an image a client has provided. I ask myself what it is that I admire most about the subject, and I determine how that trait can best be conveyed. What stands out? Is it strength? Innocence? Positivity? Wisdom? I choose the medium carefully, because certain mediums evoke certain feelings. When working on a portrait, I hold the essence of the subject in my heart as I paint. Which colours would best convey this person’s finest qualities? Are they energetic (quick paint daubs) or calm (smooth blending of colours)? The physical resemblance to the person is important, but not as important as capturing the feel of the subject’s energy. That feeling is what gets people talking.

My current work is a combination of continuing my goal of spreading positivity through art, and increased technical skill. I continue to explore with new materials, scale, and colours. I continue to try to develop my unique voice by distancing myself from modern trends. Sometimes, seeing the natural simplicity of a face says more than a complex arrangement of buildings or objects. Yes, mankind has its ugly side. We are reminded of this everyday in the media. But wouldn’t it feel good to be reminded of the beauty all around us…and the beauty that lies within us all? That is my goal.